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Snow Dogs, Meet Snow!

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

two northern breed dogs in snow

It’s not often that it snows in the desert, but it did yesterday. The last time we had this kind of weather just outside of Los Angeles was at least three years ago, and since Sierra and Bodhi are younger than that, and were both adopted from southern California shelters, I’m guessing they’ve never seen the fluffy white stuff before.

The flakes fell for hours and actually stuck, turning the dog ramp in back of the house into a bone-colored magic carpet for dogs. Sierra and Bodhi ran outside, stopped short, and looked around in wonder. It then took Bodhi .5 seconds to decide it was an Endless Buffet from Heaven, and he began to eat as much snow as he could. When Sierra started doing the same, he tried to guard the snow from her. Anywhere she’d lower her head, Bodhi was there saying, “That’s mine! I don’t know what it is, but it’s mine!” Adolescent boys! The cold and snow also made the dogs frisky, and they interspersed eating the snow with playing in it. Here’s a video.

My husband immediately decided we should put on our snow gear and take the dogs for a walk in the mountains in back of our house. This probably would have worked out better if we actually had any snow gear. But I learned something new, namely that the waterproof action of rain boots does not actually extend to snow. Soggy, squishy socks aside, the hike was an excellent adventure. We carefully made our way up the trails, the dogs straining against their long lines, anxious to explore. Sierra seemed right at home, while Bodhi shivered until we began moving along more quickly. Here’s a brief video clip of my husband running with the wanna-be sled dogs.

I know that for many of you the snow is nothing new, and has even become an inconvenience. But for us, that beautiful white blanket across the mountains and trees was magical. I’ll be sorry to see it go.


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