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Note: This product is also available in downloadable form.


This easy-to-use CD-ROM contains contracts, forms and handouts that can be used as is, or with your business name and logo added. See below for contents and samples.


Contracts – Forms – Handouts

The Kit contains:

  • Client Information Form (5-page in-depth advance questionnaire)
  • Behavioral Questionnaire (5-page form for aggression issues – send in advance or use at session)
  • Contract for Private Lessons
  • Contract for Group Classes
  • Contract for Board and Train Services
  • Phone Intake Forms (two per sheet, may be hole-punched for use in notebook or cut in half for space-saving stacking)
  • Client Intake Form (one-page sheet for sessions/use as intake form)
  • Homework/Activities/Progress Chart
  • Handouts:
    • Crate Training/Housebreaking
    • Exercise
    • Introduction to Clicker Training
    • Leadership Program
    • Nutrition
    • Principles of Positive Training
    • Kong Stuffing
    • and an article by Nicole Wilde that’s sure to come in handy: “Leadership Versus Dominance”
  • Veterinary Cover Letter/Behavioral Assessment (sample/forms)


CD-ROM WORKS ON PC OR MAC and contains files in Word, Pages, and .pdf format.
.Pdf files can be opened on PCs or Macs by using Adobe Acrobat or a free program such as PDFEscape.
Please be sure to use an unzip program to unzip files if your computer does not do it automatically. If you encounter any problems, we are here to assist. Just email us through the website.




"Nicole's Dog Trainer's Business Kit has EVERYTHING you could possibly need in your business. It is affordable and comprehensive and you can (and are encouraged) to put the contracts and handouts on your own letterhead. It is ready to go, and if you need to edit some things, it is very easy to do. She offers it in three different formats. It is extremely user-friendly, and the handouts alone are worth it. I use both her CD's in my business. If you've been "winging" it with handouts and contracts, these two resources just cannot be beat.

I used Nicole's handouts and prioritized them by putting a 1, 2, 3 etc in front of the handouts and I store them in a folder on my computer entitled "New Client Packet" or "Puppy Client Packet" etc. and then I can email or print out handouts easily to fit my purpose and client's needs. I prioritized the handouts for emailing purposes so the handouts appear in order of importance (in my opinion) for my clients to read them. This has worked really slick, and saves me printing costs.

I have my initial consult with the clients, and at the end of that and after describing what they would get in a 5-lesson package, I email the new client packet to them if they've signed up for the package. Not bragging, but I haven't had anyone turn me down on a package. They have all commented on how professional, easy to read and understand and helpful they've found this first info packet. THANK YOU NICOLE!!

I am happy to endorse her products…oh and I use her books and cd's extensively as well."
—Erica Curtis, Trainer, Arnicadia Farms Dog Training, LLC


"Congratulations on the Dog Trainer's Business Kit. The forms comes in very handy for all dog trainers. The Behavioural Questionnaire is very intensive that would probably have taken me months to come out with such informative history gathering questions." 
—Cheng See, Certificate IV in Dog Behavioural Training (Australia), Delta Australia Accredited CGC Dog Trainer,


"I recently purchased Nicole Wilde's Business Kit and am very pleased with the forms she provided. I have also found her books to be a great resource.  I am happy to recommend her products." 
—Mary Green, CPDT, K9 Manners & More, Broken Arrow, OK,


Dog Trainer's Business Kit CD-ROM


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