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For Villalobos supporters only!
Dog Training & Behavior Consults with Nicole Wilde 

Virtual consults via phone or Zoom are now available for supporters of Villalobos Rescue Center!

These specially priced consults cover everything from common behavior issues such as potty training, nipping, chewing, and jumping to more serious issues such as fear, separation anxiety, and some aggression issues. Via the magic of Zoom, we can also cover most obedience skills.


Half-hour consults are appropriate for simple issues, while complex behavior issues are better suited to hour-long consults. My goal is to squeeze as much into our time together as possible in order to get your dog's problems solved using gentle, positive methods only. 

Tia and I started Villalobos together many years ago and have remained close friends. For that reason, I am offering these deeply discounted sessions to her supporters. Just email me via the Contact button below, be sure to mention Villalobos, and give me a brief description of your dog's issues. I will get back with you promptly with a recommendation as to which type of consult and what length would work best. I look forward to helping you and your dog!

While you're here, check out my books/ebooks, blog, and seminars (DVD or streaming), and sign up to be notified of new training and behavior tips, blog posts, and announcements.


                                                            - Nicole Wilde

                                                              Author, Canine Behavior Specialist, VRC Behavior Consultant



30 minutes           $50

60 minutes           $85

60 minutes          $120       

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