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What is marketing research

Marketing research is a form of economic research that focuses on evaluating the behavior and preferences of consumers, competitors, and manufacturers.

Most often, marketing research is necessary for sociologists, economists and other scientists for term papers, theses, scientific articles, etc. Marketing research allows you to independently analyze the selected market situation and obtain unique material for description and further work says writers.

Thus, marketing research is a kind of collection, analysis and classification of information about the situation on the market. The data obtained will allow the scientist to build his own strategy and minimize the risks that are always present in the market.

Similar studies can also be carried out by companies that evaluate their condition among other competitors in the market.

Tasks of marketing research

Marketing research allows you to answer the question "why is this happening" in relation to a given market situation. So, marketing research allows analytics to perform the following actions recommended by experts:

  1. Find out information about the audience of the company and assess its needs.

  2. Assess the competitiveness of other companies.

  3. Prepare a change plan for the company.

  4. Develop an active marketing campaign.

  5. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of companies that are competitors in the market.

  6. Properly build a pricing procedure.

  7. Make adjustments to the strategy for the most active development of the company's business.

What is the difference between marketing research and practical work

The writers can say that marketing research is one of the types of practical work that students have to do only in some specialties. For example, marketers, economists, sociologists, etc.

Practical work is a broader concept that includes a number of tasks.

As a rule, the types and essence of practical tasks will vary depending on the specialty in which the student is studying. For example, for mathematicians, practical tasks will be associated with the construction of complex mathematical models and graphs, and problem solving. For students of the Faculty of Philology, practical work will consist of writing essays, analyzing certain passages of the text, etc.

Thus, marketing research is one of the forms of practical tasks. Often it is necessary for coursework and final qualifying work, since it fully reflects the acquired knowledge and skills.

Consideration of the goals and objectives of marketing research also allows us to conclude that in this case, practical work is a generic concept.

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