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How to make the best Travel Video that will fly to the top?

We've rounded up tips from famous travel bloggers to help you get busy transcribing with various travel videos, if you've been wanting to do that for a long time!

Curl your fingers!

1. Submission and sincerity.

The most important thing is emotion. This is more important than quality filming. You have to charge the viewer with your energy.

Let's remember the episodes that get a huge number of views. Anton does not hesitate to say that he turns each video into a text using he also likes to talk and talk about what he thinks. Dry facts here are not so much, more just lively reactions.

Reality is much more interesting than things that have been played up.

2. Structure of the issue

First of all you have to prepare the theoretical basis of the place you are going to. You do the basic distillation. This makes the issue more meaningful.

The work begins even before you travel. The issue can be broken down into parts:

Announcement - a brief overview of what will be in the issue;

Stand-up - the anchor's narration in the frame;

Voice-over - a recording of the text behind the scenes;

Synchro - interviews with other people;

Wrapping - slicing shots of nature/architecture with music to illustrate;

Aerial footage - shots from a drone;

Conclusion - summarizing and completing the release.


Here it is important to choose appropriate music. The effect of immersion is strengthened by the sounding of transitions and rhythmic editing. It is possible to make interesting transitions. For example, using masks, tracking frame leaving in the dark.

And if you want to beautifully present the theory and facts, add infographics. Good examples of infographics in the travel video can be found in the releases Anton Lyadov.

4. technique

To shoot and then turn into text good video or audio message is not necessary to chase the latest cameras. Many people will be surprises solves the vast majority of such problems.

The most basic things you'll need in a camera are a flip-down screen and autofocus. You will also need things like a tripod, stabilizer, lenses, microphones with windshields, and a quadcopter. RELATED RESOURCES: corporate transcription services

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