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The global bay leaf market has been aided by its rising use in the food industry. The use of the product in the food industry is being propelled by its extensive use in Indian and French traditional cuisines. In the coming years, the rising globalisation of tastes and the growth of fusion cuisines are expected to aid the market growth. The increasing demand for herbal tea and nutraceuticals is also projected to contribute to the market growth due to the nutritional content as well as the strong aroma of bay leaves. The product’s application as a natural insect repellent is also expected to gain wider traction in the coming years, which is expected to influence the market growth positively. Bay leaf refers to a common aromatic leaf that is widely used in cooking in its entirety or in a dried and powdered form. It is also extensively used for medicinal purposes due to its anti-microbial and anti-ulcerogenic properties.



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