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Straight lines on circle

lines and circles can have different positions relative to each other . A straight line that intersects the circle at two points is called a secant (cutting end). A secant that passes through the center of the circle is called a central - do my homework . The distance between points A and B is a chord of the circle. The longest chord in the circle is the diameter d.

A straight line that touches the circle at a point is called a tangent line - do my statistics homework . A straight line that does not intersect the circle at any point is called a passante (passing).

Tangent constructions

1. construction of the circle tangent in a point P of the circle

2. construction of tangents from P to a circle k

The line PM is drawn and bisected.

An arc of a circle with radius PT (average) is drawn around the center T of the line PM.

The points of intersection of the arc with the circle k are the points of contact B1 and B2 of the tangents we are looking for. The tangent1(PB1) and t2(PB2) are drawn.

3. construction of the common tangents to two non-touching and non-intersecting circles k1, k2 with e.g. r1>r2

a) outer tangents

Around M1 a circle k3 with radius (r1-r2 ) is drawn around M1. The tangents from M2 to k3 are constructed - pay someone to do my math homework . By parallel displacement the outer tangents at distance r2 are constructed.

b) inner tangents

AroundM1 a circle k4 with the radius (r1 + r2 ) is drawn.

The tangents from M2 to k4 are constructed. By parallel shift the inner tangents are constructed at distance r2.

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