Seminar Presentation

Running time: 90 minutes


Solving canine behavior issues is akin to solving a mystery. In addition to having good training skills, a trainer must be a bit of a sleuth. Taking a thorough history enables the trainer to pinpoint major and secondary issues and to discover issues of which the owner might not be aware.

In this interactive seminar, you will learn how to set the stage for optimum information gathering; how to use neuro-linguistic programming techniques to put clients at ease; what non-verbal clues to watch for; what responses should send up red flags; what to ask, how to respond, and how not to respond; and how to interpret the information you receive. You’ll also participate in that ever-popular video game, Spot the Trainer’s Mistakes!


Incorporating these valuable skills and tips into your history-taking interviews will greatly improve your efficiency in treating behavior issues.

Solving the Mystery: Taking a History