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• Other Media


  • 2021: Video interview for Int'l. School for Canine Psychology & Behavior

  • 2014: Featured as “Dog Expert” on television episode of OMG! EMT

  • 2021: Video interview for Int'l. School for Canine Psychology & Behavior

  • 2013: “Talk to the Paw! Understanding Canine Body Language” DVD Tawzer Dog LLC

  • 2012: Featured in documentary Tough Love: A Meditation on Dominance and Dogs

  • 2012: “Separation Anxiety: Both Sides Now” DVD Tawzer Dog LLC

  • 2012: “Dissecting the Dynamics of Dog-Dog Play” DVD Tawzer Dog LLC

  • 2010 “Pit Bulls and Parolees” Animal Planet, Segment on fearful dogs

  • 2007 “The Dog Whisperer: Indoor Behavior Problems” DVD (with Paul Owens) Sand Castle Enterprises

  • 2007 “Working with Fear Issues” DVD Tawzer Dog Videos

  • 2005 “In-Home, Private Training” DVD Tawzer Dog Videos

  • 2004 “The Dog Whisperer: Beginning and Intermediate Dog Training” DVD (with Paul Owens) Sand Castle Enterprises

  • 2003 “Train Your Dog: The Positive, Gentle Method” DVD Picture Palace, Inc.

  • 1994 “Adopt A Friend for Life” Los Angeles Animal Services PSA



  • 1/18 Interviewed on Animal Talk Radio about training wolfdogs

  • 1/17 interviewed for Wolfdog Radio about all things wolfdog 

  • 11/14 interviewed for NPR’s Dog Talk on “Hit by a Flying Wolf” and trouble bonding with dogs (Episode #396, starts at 27:12)

  • 2/13  interviewed for Dog Talk Radio on separation anxiety

  •  11/12 interviewed for “In the Doghouse Pet Radio” Spain on wolfdogs (Starts hr. 1 at 35:30)

  • 12/11 interviewed for Bark at Brad about separation anxiety

  • 12/11 interviewed for “Pet Talk” AM1310 KOKX about separation anxiety

  • 8/11 interviewed for podcast by on the subject of separation anxiety

  • 7/11 interviewed on WNJC 160 AM Philadelphia Thursdays in the Doghouse on the subject of separation anxiety

  • 5/11 interviewed on the Dr. Jill Pet Show on the subject of wolfdogs

  • 3/11 interviewed on on the subject of separation anxiety

  • 10/09 Interviewed on on the subject of wolfdogs

  • 7/09 Interviewed on “Get in Touch With Your Pup!”

  • 6/09 Interviewed on AnimalWise Radio

  • 2/09 Interviewed on NJ.Com “Is your dog fearful? Fear no more!”

  • 1/07 Interviewed on NPR “HearSay with Cathy Lewis”

  • 1/07 Interviewed on “Pet Talk with Mr. G”

  • 1/07 Interviewed on

  • 2003-5 Co-host “Dog Talk” radio show AM1220 KHTS

  • 1/99 Interviewed on NPR “To the Best of Our Knowledge”





  • “Are Dog Parks Worth the Risk” Apple News 9/30/19

  • Ongoing articles for Modern Dog Magazine

  • Blogger for Huffington Post

  • “Dogs that Play Too Rough” Modern Dog, Fall 2018

  • “The Hard Stare” The BARK Magazine, Summer 2018

  • “Petting Wars: Dog-Dog Aggression in the Home and What to Do About It” Modern Dog, Summer 2018

  • “Marking in the House” Modern Dog, Spring 2018

  • “Problem Barking” Modern Dog, Winter 2017

  • “Counter Surfing” Modern Dog, Fall 2017

  • “Does My Dog Need a Friend?” Modern Dog, Summer 2017

  • “Destructive Chewing” Modern Dog, Spring 2017

  • “Does Your Dog Pay Attention When You Speak?” Modern Dog, Winter 2016

  • “Why Growling is Good” Modern Dog, Fall 2016

  • “Does Your Dog Need a Behavioral Chill Pill?” Modern Dog, Summer 2016

  • “How to Stop Your Dog from Digging” Modern Dog, Spring 2016

  • “The Danger of Redirected Aggression in Dogs” Tibetan Mastiff Digest, April/May 2016

  • “Hey, Old School Dominance Theory: School’s Out!” Siberian Husky Highlights, April 2016

  • “Is Your Dog Manipulating You?” Modern Dog, Fall 2015

  • “Littermate Syndrome” Modern Dog, Summer 2015

  • “5 Ways to Help Shy, Fearful, or Anxious Dogs” Modern Dog, Spring 2015

  • “Is Your Dog Dominant or Submissive? 50 Shades of Gray” Modern Dog, Winter 2014

  • “Bonding Blues” Whole Dog Journal, April 2014

  • “10 Signs of a Fearful Dog” Modern Dog Magazine

  • “Photography as a Training and Behavior Assessment Aid” The APDT Chronicle Fall 2013

  • “Seven Separation Anxiety Myths” Whole Dog Journal , Aug. 2013

  • “How to Host a Seminar” The APDT Chronicle of the Dog, Nov/Dec 2011 issue

  • Ongoing Ask the Expert Column for Modern Dog magazine

  • Series of articles for Wolf Hybrid Times magazine

  • “Going to the Dogs” column for The Signal Newspaper: 
    “Pawsitively Speaking: Tips for Improving Child Dog Safety”
    “Head Halters Work on Dogs, Too”
    “Aftermath of the San Francisco Case”
    “Canine Calisthenics = Better Behavior”
    “The Great Outdoors”

  • Series of articles for Santa Clarita Today

  • Series of articles for Simply 4 Pets: 
    “How to Choose a Dog Trainer”
     “Calming Signals”

  • Series of articles for Get-a-Pet Magazine

  • Multiple articles for The APDT Chronicle of the Dog, some reprinted in The Dog Trainer’s Resource Book (edited by Mychelle Blake)

  • Articles for numerous canine-related websites


Nic and Mojo looking up edited.jpg
pit bulls and parolees shoot.jpg

Shoot for Pit Bulls & Parolees television show.

Nicole Wilde training dog

Shoot for Dog Whisperer (Paul Owens) DVD

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