Through a Dog's Ear

Audio CD
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Through a Dog’s Ear

Music to Calm Your Canine Companion

CD, 1 hour, 26-page booklet

Performed by award-winning concert pianist, Lisa Spector. Produced by Joshua Leeds. 

Whether your dog is nervous when left alone, afraid of thunder or other sounds, has fear issues, or simply finds it hard to be calm, this simple, inexpensive product can make a huge difference. Studies have shown that the sparse classical piano arrangements “reduced anxiety behavior and induced calmness in 70% of dogs in shelters or kennels and 85% of dogs in households.”

Through a Dog’s Ear is the result of the combined efforts of concert pianist Lisa Spector, psychoacoustics expert Joshua Leeds, and veterinary neurologist Susan Wagner. The carefully designed piano music actually entrains your dog’s nervous system to the “relaxation response,” which is instantly calming.

Nicole Wilde says, “I have recommended this CD to my clients, with amazing results. It has helped dogs who were restless in their crates at night, dogs who didn’t like being left alone, and many others. I have also recommended it to local shelters and friends who run rescue organizations. Across the board, the overwhelming response has been that the dogs are much more relaxed; there is less barking, pacing, and overall stress. I can’t recommend this product highly enough. 


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Hi Nicole,

I wanted to give you feedback on the is really amazing how it worked for us. Yesterday for the first time I was able to give Beni his subcutaneous fluids myself. I put the music on which I have been using on and off....he laid down in the family room and it was all very relaxed...then Danny and I placed Beni on the countertop and I told him that Mami is going to give the fluids now, and for the first time he was sooo calm.

I put the needle stress, nothing, gave him the fluids and everything was so smooth and easy! I love does help a lot! Just wanted to give you an update and thank you so much, it did help and Beni is feeling much better.

Take care