In-Home Private Training

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Price: $90

In Home Private Training 

A Two-Day Seminar Presentation

6-Disk Set.
Running Time:
1 hour, 50 minutes per disc.

A treasure trove of information for current or aspiring dog trainers, the material is presented in an upbeat, entertaining style. Nicole discusses business considerations, safety issues, what to do in in-home sessions and in what order, how to help your clients chart their progress, how to deal with difficult personality types, and a lot more.

You will learn to develop your people skills, gain compliance from clients, take a thorough history, and improve your phone skills. In short, you will learn to be a kind, effective coach for both people and dogs.

An invaluable educational tool for anyone wanting concrete information and useful tips for training private, in-home lessons.

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"Thank you for your recent seminar in Temeculah. I enjoyed myself and I learned a lot. My clients are getting more detailed homework instructions and I am excited by the success I'm seeing. You reminded me to be thorough in my history taking and to be more conscious of how I say things. I have become more thoughtful in the last week and a half and I have corrected myself when I was being judgmental or sloppy with my words.  ...You possess a rare gift in the dog training world - you are good with people and you like them. Your enthusiasm for working with people is contagious and I am a better trainer as a result. Thank you for sharing your gift with the rest of us."
— Barbara Burgess, Happy Tails To You, Santa Maria, CA

"I enjoyed your seminar so much!  I had identified it as a good way to help my new employee (Lynn) learn the people skills that are sooooo important to one-on-one dog training and it was great for that.  But I also picked up so many great points, both for the actual training side and the business side.  The group also had good energy and it was fun to pick the other trainer's brains at lunch and dinner."
— Julie Winkelman, Alpha Canine Academy, Durango, Colorado