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Getting Compliance and Working with Difficult Clients
Seminar Presentation 

Running Time: 90 minutes. 

Any trainer will tell you that training people can be a lot more challenging than training dogs. One of the most troublesome aspects in working with people is gaining and keeping compliance. You may have an excellent training program, but if your clients don’t follow through and practice at home, the result will be a dog that is not as well trained as possible and ongoing excuses as to why no or very little practice has taken place. In this seminar, you will learn how to motivate your clients to follow suggestions and to keep working with their dogs.

Noncompliance isn’t the only aspect of working with our human clients that can be a challenge. Trainers encounter difficult personality types on a regular basis, and becoming adept at handling them can make all the difference in whether training is successful. You will learn how to deal with know-it-all clients, soft clients, angry clients, and more. Gain insight as to what motivates specific personality types, and how to respond so as to make your training encounters flow smoothly.

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