Nicole does not have any seminars scheduled at this time. You can follow her blog and find her books and seminar DVDs via this website, and can find her on social media as well. Thank you for your interest.

Seminar Dates 2017

May 20 & 21 Burbank, CA
May 20: Working with Fearful Dogs
May 21: Two Timely Topics: Separation Anxiety & Dog-Dog Play

June 10 & 11 Alberta, Canada

June 10: Helping Fearful Dogs
June 11: Two Timely Topics: Separation Anxiety & Dog-Dog Play

November 11 & 12 Austin, TX
Nov.  11: Helping Fearful Dogs
Nov. 12: Two Timely Topics: Separation Anxiety & Dog-Dog Play



Seminar Dates 2016

May 21-23 Wolf Park, Battle Ground, IN
May 21: Working with Fearful Dogs
May 22: Two Timely Topics: Separation Anxiety & Dog-Dog Play
May 23: A Day with Nicole and the Wolves of Wolf Park!

September 10 & 11 St. Louis, MO
September 10: Two Timely Topics: Separation Anxiety & Dog-Dog Play
September 11: Helping Fearful Dogs





Seminars are also available on DVD!

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Feedback from Seminar Attendees:

To cover so much in a day was impressive. And fantastic handouts. A lot of work for you but absolutely worthwhile. Congratulations! 

This was a fantastic lecture-one of the best at the whole conference. She gave TONS of practical info, it moved at a fast pace, and a great, fun presenter. Please bring her back every year! Thank you! (APDT Conference)

My favorite thing was the feeling of understanding something that comes naturally, feeling a little more sure of natural energy. It was excellent. Please come back! 

The info was very concise and concepts explained. She is extremely knowledgeable of fearful dogs and is able to communicate her knowledge fluently.

Loved the exercises and enjoyed the entire seminar. Worth every dollar! 

Nicole is an excellent presenter! She has no problem keeping an audience interested. Videos were great!  

Nicole is a knowledgeable, dynamic speaker. Love her! Great balance of lecture and audience participation.

Presenter makes things very clear, fabulous lecture and videos. Brilliant handouts. Great to watch such a positive presenter who loves what she does. Very inspiring. 

One of your best presenters-extremely articulate and organized speaker-practical use of information throughout. Good slides and examples, role-play-excellent.  (APDT Conference)

I most enjoyed the beautiful way the whole presentation was delivered in a simple, non-technical, easy to understand way. I enjoyed least that it only lasted one day. Come back soon! 

I appreciated Nicole’s inspiration, genuine attitude, and sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience. I think Nicole Wilde is a great, gorgeous person. She is an inspiration. Thank ya, deary! XXX

Outstanding! Does an excellent job on entire presentation including handouts, slides, video and giving practical advice. She is very funny and seems like a very nice person.

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Feedback from Seminar Attendees:

I benefited from the seminar, picking up several good insights from each topic. As always, you were an engaging, polished speaker with well organized material, good anticdotes and stories, stayed on track and kept us on time. - Kathy St. Cyr, New Orleans "Two Timely Topics: Separation Anxiety & Dog-Dog Play" seminar

This was my third Nicole Wilde seminar. I always enjoy her take on behavior and training. Each time, I come away with something new and fresh to share with clients.
—JWE, GA "Two Timely Topics: Separation Anxiety & Dog-Dog Play" seminar

Very excellent speaker. Covered everything I expected and more. I liked the video clips and the way everything was organized. I like how she just touched on learning theory so that there was time for actually showing how to apply training techniques to the theory. Loved it.
—"Helping Fearful Dogs" seminar

I attended the (Australian) APDT conference over the weekend at which you were the key note speaker. I wanted to contact you directly to tell you what an amazing job you did. I am a lawyer by day and passionate CGC trainer by night. I have attended lots of seminars on legal and dog issues but have to say that as a speaker you rate right up there with the best I have seen. Your information of course is spot on, but you delivery was so refreshing, entertaining and delightful. I just wanted you to know how impressed I was. Thanks again for sharing your experience and knowledge with us, and for making it so enjoyable, through your energy and enthusiasm.
  —Bev Clark Adelaide, SA

She is an amazing communicator - very natural, very articulate and really funny!
  —"Creative Client Coaching" seminar

Nicole is a knowledgeable, dynamic speaker. Love her! Great balance of lecture and audience participation.
  —"Helping Fearful Dogs" seminar

I just wanted to let you know that we received a lot of great feedback from your seminar. They all commented that you presented the material very well and most of all learned a lot. I've already seen people in class correcting "people" about the way they correct their dogs. It was refreshing to see the dog not get punished for being a dog!! Thanks again for helping us help our fearful dogs!!!
—Nancy Strack Metro All-Breed Obedience Club